Comic Kickstarter Spotlights: Peter Pan, The Big Feminist BUT, & EMERGENCE

26 Nov, 2012

Crowdfunding platforms have become powerful and invaluable tools for indie comic creators. I shudder to think what the world of indie comics would be like without the rise of sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. So many amazing comics have been financed in this manner. Crowdfunding is turning the dreams of aspiring indie creators into realities, and reshaping the entire landscape of comics in the process.  In support of this sea change, let’s take a look at a few of the most promising and exciting current comic Kickstarter campaigns!

Peter Pan: The Graphic Novel – Volume 1

You already know Renae De Liz’s work from previous comics such as: The Last Unicorn, Servant of the Bones, and maybe most importantly, Womanthology. Womanthology is a beautiful anthology featuring the work of women creators, and was funded through Kickstarter. In addition to being a unique project that put the spotlight directly on many of the talented (and often overlooked by the comic book industry) women creators out there, Womanthology was also important because it helped pioneer a new way in which comic projects could get financed by utilizing crowdfunding platforms. Sure, other projects had successfully done this same thing, but none of them had managed to bring together so many talented creators and have such a successful campaign. The scope and ambition of Womanthology was inspiring, and the project really was a game changer.  Other creators and the industry took notice.

Peter Pan The Graphic Novel Tinkerbell art

Now Renae is back with a new Kickstarter project, this time working together with her husband (and amazing creator as well), Ray Dillion, on a graphic novel based on J.M. Barrie’s classic tale, Peter Pan! Peter Pan: The Graphic Novel looks to explore the rich story in a more complete manner and expand on elements like Peter and Captain Hook’s back stories. The project also hopes to create something special that parents can share with their children, while encouraging a shared love of reading, literature, and creativity.

Peter Pan The Graphic Novel Neverland art

Did I mention that the art for Peter Pan: The Graphic Novel looks absolutely stunning? If you can’t appreciate this project, you definitely need a trip to Neverland.

Please be sure to check out the official Peter Pan: The Graphic Novel – Volume 1 Kickstarter page to learn more, check out even more of the amazing art and video, and to pledge your support.



The Big Feminist BUT

The Big Feminist BUT is an ambitious Kickstarter project with a dazzling array of talent, which will explore women and men’s attitudes toward feminism. It has taken the project’s co-editors, Joan Reilly and Shannon O’Leary, over three years to collect the stories which will appear in The Big Feminist BUT. Check out this list of just some of the various contributors from comics, animation, and other mediums:

Charlie Jane Anders (Editor,, Gabrielle Bell (The VoyeursLucky, Regular Best American Comics Contributor), Jeffrey Brown (Darth Vader and Son, Chronicle Books), Emily Flake (The New YorkerLulu Eightball), Hillary Florido (Regular Show, Two-time Best American Comics Notable Comics Recipient), Justin Hall (No Straight Lines, Fantagraphics), Sarah Oleksyk (Regular Show, 2012 Eisner nominee for Ivy, Oni Press),Vanessa Davis (Make Me a Woman, Drawn & Quarterly), Ron Rege (Cartoon Utopia, Fantagraphics), Andrice Arp (Regular MOME Contributor, Fantagraphics), Stina Lofgren (Contributing Illustrator/Author to The New York Times and Galago/Ordfront Magazine), Jesse Reklaw (The Night of Your Life, Dark Horse Comics)…

The Big Feminist BUT art

Please check out The Big Feminist BUT’s official Kickstarter page for complete information.



EMERGENCE: A Cascadian Comic Anthology

This next project is special to me personally because it comes from my own area here in the Pacific Northwest. Every day I learn more about just how vibrant our underground comic community is here. Do you want to support some really indie comic creators? EMERGENCE: A Cascadian Comic Anthology hopes to be successful so they can do just that. This project is really interesting because even though I am a NW native, I wasn’t familiar with many of these indie/underground creators. Be sure to watch the video on the EMERGENCE: A Cascadian Comic Anthology Kickstarter page and it should instantly become obvious why I chose to include this project in these Kickstarter Spotlights.

EMERGENCE: A Cascadian Comic Anthology art


Until next time, keep reading, creating, and supporting independent comics!

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