Crisp Comics wants to provide you with a diverse array of independent and creator owned comic news. To do this we’ve assembled a crackpot team or artists and writers to deliver you great news you never knew you craved.

Here’s the team!

jacquesNyemb Jacques (Tinkerer)
is a guy who loves art, graphic design, photography and independent comics.
OH! He also loves writing too. :)
katieAkins Katherine (Editor)
is a writer, editor, avid reader, and comic lover with an interest in social commentary. On Crisp Comics she mostly lives behind the scenes, but is working on a few projects of her own and hope to start writing more articles in the future.
christineBrunson Christine (Writer)
is a freelance comic writer and colorist as well as co-creator of Undead Norm.  When she is not working on her comic projects, she spends a lot of time chasing after her son and her husband while talking like a Dalek.
suzy Suzy (Writer)
Writer, editor, graphic designer and ravenous reader. Co-creator and writer of Super Corporate Heroes, Alric the Wild and Samurai Elf. Former writer/editor for Bloomberg in NYC. For more see
paigeGoodwin Paige (Writer)
is a 22-year old Graphic Designer and aspiring illustrator/graphic novel author. She enjoys changing her hair color, sketching on her cintiq, and world-building in her head-canon.
miguelGuerra Miguel (Writer)
was born in Madrid to an American father and a Spanish mother. His family soon moved to Alcalá de Henares, outside of Madrid, where drawing became an all consuming passion. His family later moved to the United States and Canada. He now resides in New York City. Has published with companies such Antarctic press and Heavy Metal. He is Creator of Samurai Elf, Alric the wild, and Super  Corporate Heroes. In 2006 he founded Iberian Press with co-writer and co-creator Suzy Dias. In 2012 Iberian press shed it’s name and became 7 robots.
robbOrr Robb (Writer)
is a writer and lover of all things art and comic book related. He lives in the “Emerald City” of Seattle, WA.
brianVo Brian (Writer)
is a writer, on and off gamer, scholar, a cook, and a geek. He loves learning about new hobbies and dabble in far too many things.
He also blog about other things (mostly food and non comic geekery) on

If you have any questions for any of us be sure to submit them here.