Pantalones, TX Review

11 Feb, 2013

Let me start this review by saying that I was biased from the very start. Any comic that is touted by the Houghton brothers (Shane & Chris) instantly wins me over. They have worked on projects I’m a huge fan of such as Reed Gunther,  Adventure Time and Fanboys vs Zombies. So when I got a message from Yehudi Mercado to review his book, PANTALONES, TX: Don’t Chicken Out, published by Archaia, let’s just say there were no hesitations on my part to read it.


About The Story:

Welcome to Pantalones, Texas, where children still play outdoors, skin knees and raise hell. Chico Bustamante’s favorite pastime is givin’ chase to Sheriff Cornwallis. That is until Chico meets the Sheriff’s Giant Chicken and aims to ride it or die tryin’. He’ll have to man up and not chicken out.

For starters, this Dukes of Hazards style, all age comic has some pretty unique characters.

There’s Chico Bustamante, the hero of the story, a boisterous, daredevil child who wants to be a legend in Pantalones, Texas.

Chico’s arch nemesis, Sheriff Cornwallis, constantly chases him in his food truck/police car.  He sometimes employs a band of hooligans (Scooch and the Wedgies) who would do anything to rid the town of the daring Chico.

Chico’s entourage of caring friends consists of:
Baby T(Chico’s right hand dog),  Pigboy (Chico’s Best Friend who is constantly vying for his approval…and is…oh yes, a pig and boy), Bucky (the foreign exchange student from New York), Alma (a reporter that doesn’t break the news, she fixes it), Kim-Marie (the cheerleader that can make the touchdown and cheer for herself) and his burly handle-bared mustachioed dad Zeek.


Fans of absurdist humor will not be disappointed. There are town feuds, car chases, flames, a giant chicken and man eating veggies. What else could anyone want? (I could have sworn I saw a batman cover homage in there somewhere)

Plot: 9/10 apples.
It takes a lot of talent to pull off a plot involving riding a giant chicken. Yehudi found ways to keep me engaged and routing for Chico Bustamante.

Visuals: 10/10 apples.
The art was well illustrated, the panels were easy to follow and the fonts were perfectly lettered (a huge pet peeve of mine)

awesomeCharacter Development: 4/5 apples.
There were several loveable characters. My favorite though was Baby T, Chico’s partner in crime, a sunglass wearing Corgi. He said no words but a BBQ sauce related scene stole the show for me. (you’ll have to buy the comic to find out what I’m talking about)

Overall Grade: A
I thoroughly enjoyed the comic it kept me in stitches with it’s unique characters, well executed art and the appeal of being able to share it with my child (the moment she starts reading…since she’s a baby right now).

You can Pre-order the book, either through your local comic book shop (the Diamond Code is DEC120807) or wherever books are sold (ISBN is 978-1936393909)

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